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Discover the Exciting General Seating Locations at Twickenham Stadium – We Buy Tickets for Each Stand!

At iBuyAnyTickets.com, we buy rugby tickets for top matches and understand the thrill of being at the heart of the action. With its rich rugby history, Twickenham Stadium offers fans various seating options to experience the electrifying atmosphere of rugby matches.

As passionate rugby enthusiasts, we want to provide insights into the general seating locations at Twickenham Stadium, where you can witness epic battles between top teams. Remember, we buy tickets for each stand so that you can easily sell your surplus tickets.

1. East Stand – Unrivalled Views:

Located on the eastern side of Twickenham Stadium, the East Stand offers spectators unrivalled pitch views. With its modern facilities and comfortable seating, this stand provides an excellent vantage point to witness all the thrilling moments on the field.

2. West Stand – Premium Experience:

For fans seeking a premium experience, the West Stand is the place to be. This stand boasts luxurious hospitality areas, fine dining options, and exceptional action views. Watching a match from the West Stand is an unforgettable experience for any rugby enthusiast.

3. North Stand – Passionate Atmosphere:

The North Stand is renowned for its passionate atmosphere, as England’s most fervent supporters traditionally occupy it. Being part of the roaring crowd in the North Stand is a unique experience that adds to the excitement of any rugby match.

4. South Stand – Vibrant Energy:

The South Stand is known for its vibrant energy and enthusiastic fans. As the players run towards the South Stand to score tries, the cheers and chants create an electric atmosphere that fuels the team’s spirit.

Key Rugby Field Terminologies:

In addition to enjoying the incredible views from your chosen stand at Twickenham Stadium, understanding some key rugby field terminologies can enhance your match experience:

1. “22” – The Crucial Area:

The “22” refers to two parallel lines drawn 22 meters from each team’s goal line. The area between your team’s goal line and the 22-meter line is your “22,” while the opposite area is the “opposition’s 22.” This area is critical for attack and defence, as teams strive to make strategic moves to advance towards their opponent’s try line.

2. “22 Dropouts” – Restarting the Game:

When the attacking team kicks the ball into the opposition’s in-goal area without scoring a try or being touched down by the defending team, the defending team is awarded a “22 dropout.” This means they restart the game by drop-kicking the ball from their 22-meter line. It’s an opportunity for the defending team to regain possession and counter-attack.

3. “Halfway Line” – The Midpoint:

The halfway line is a significant feature of the rugby field. It divides the entire field into two halves and is located precisely at the midpoint between the two teams’ try lines. It is a central reference point for players, referees, and spectators.

4. “Try Line” – The Scoring Zone:

The try line, also known as the “goal line,” is the line at each end of the field where players must ground the ball to score a try. It is the ultimate objective for attacking teams, and successfully crossing this line results in a valuable five-point score.

5. “In-Goal Area” – Where Tries Are Scored:

The in-goal area is the section between the try line and the dead-ball line, which is the line at the back of the try zone. When a player successfully grounds the ball within this area, they score a try. It’s a moment of celebration for the scoring team and a thrilling experience for fans witnessing the try being scored up close.

6. “Try Zone” – The Scoring Territory:

The try zone refers to the area between the try and dead-ball lines. It is the designated territory where players can score tries. Defenders strive to prevent opponents from crossing into this area, while attackers put in their best efforts to breach the defence and touch the ball down for a try.

7. “The Posts” – Scoring Conversions:

The tall, vertical posts are located at the centre of each try line. They have a crossbar at the top. After scoring a try, a team can score additional points through a conversion kick. The ball must pass between the posts and over the crossbar for the conversion to count.

8. “Technical Area” – Coaching Zone:

The technical area is a designated space on the sideline where coaches and substitutes can stand during the match. It’s a restricted area; only authorized personnel can be present here. Coaches use this area to give instructions and make tactical decisions while substitutes prepare to enter the game when called upon.

Sell your England rugby tickets to us, and be assured that they will be in the hands of enthusiastic fans who will cherish the experience as much as you would!